Shimano Curado MGL K Review

Fishing enthusiasts know that having the right equipment can make all the difference in their fishing experience. And when it comes to selecting a high-quality baitcasting reel, the Shimano Curado MGL K is a popular choice among both amateur and professional anglers. In this review, we will provide an in-depth look at this baitcasting reel, covering its features, performance, durability, design, and price. We will also compare it to similar products and provide a model chart comparison to help you decide whether the Shimano Curado MGL K is the right choice for your fishing needs.


Shimano Curado MGL K

Small but mighty, the Shimano Curado MGL K Low-Profile Casting Reel is dependable and durable!

The Shimano Curado MGL K is a baitcasting reel that boasts an impressive range of features designed to provide anglers with a reliable and high-performing fishing experience. Here are some of the key features of this product:


The Curado MGL K is constructed with a Ci4+ frame that provides excellent rigidity and durability while keeping the weight of the reel to a minimum.

Cross Carbon Drag

The Cross Carbon Drag system is a high-performance drag system that provides smooth and consistent drag pressure, even when fighting hard-pulling fish.

Hagane Body

The Hagane Body is a rigid metal frame that provides excellent support and stability for the reel’s internal components. This results in improved durability and long-lasting performance.

MGL II Spool

Lightweight spool design significantly reduces the moment of inertia, allowing the angler to experience greater casting distance and accuracy with a wide variety of lures.

Micromodule Gear

The Micromodule Gear is a high-precision gear system that provides anglers with a smooth and precise gear operation.

S3D Spool

The S3D Spool is a unique spool design that reduces spool vibration, resulting in a smoother and more accurate cast.

SVS Infinity

The SVS Infinity is an adjustable brake system that provides anglers with precise and easy-to-use cast control.


The Shimano Anti-Rust Bearings are high-quality bearings that are designed to resist corrosion, resulting in long-lasting performance.

Super Free Spool

The Super Free Spool system is designed to eliminate friction on the spool shaft during the cast, resulting in longer, more accurate casts.


The X-SHIP system is a high-efficiency gear system that provides excellent power and torque transfer from the handle to the rotor, resulting in a smooth and powerful retrieve.

With these features, the Shimano Curado MGL K is a top-of-the-line baitcasting reel that is designed to provide anglers with an exceptional fishing experience.

Specifications Model Chart Comparison

Here’s a comparison chart of the Shimano Curado MGL K and other models in the series:

ModelRetrieveGear RatioLine Retrieve Per Crank (in.)Mono Line Capacity (lbs/yds)Braid Line Capacity (lbs/yds)BearingsMax Drag (lbs)Weight (oz)
CU-MGL-70HGKRight7.4:12910/105, 12/85, 14/7020/115, 30/105, 40/808+1126.9
CU-MGL-71HGKLeft7.4:12910/105, 12/85, 14/7020/115, 30/105, 40/808+1126.9
CU-MGL-70XGKRight8.1:13210/105, 12/85, 14/7020/115, 30/105, 40/808+1126.9
CU-MGL-71XGKLeft8.1:13210/105, 12/85, 14/7020/115, 30/105, 40/808+1126.9

Shimano Curado MGL K

Small but mighty, the Shimano Curado MGL K Low-Profile Casting Reel is dependable and durable!
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Smooth and fast retrieval
  • Durable construction
  • Precise casting
  • Versatile
  • Price: The Shimano Curado MGL K is a high-end reel that may be out of budget for some anglers.

Why to Buy

Here are a few reasons why the Shimano Curado MGL K is worth considering:

  1. Price: While it is not the cheapest baitcasting reel on the market, the Shimano Curado MGL K offers excellent value for its price point.
  2. Durability: The Shimano brand is known for producing durable equipment, and the Curado MGL K is no exception. It is built to last and can withstand heavy use.
  3. Maintenance: The MGL spool and S3D Spool design make the Curado MGL K easy to maintain and clean.
  4. Performance: The MicroModule Gear System and Cross Carbon Drag provide smooth and powerful performance, making it a popular choice among anglers.
  5. Design: The sleek design and compact size of the Curado MGL K make it easy to handle and cast.

Design and Build Quality

The Shimano Curado MGL K has an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip. The reel features a low-profile design and is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability. The body is made of Hagane Body, which is a high rigidity metal that helps to prevent flexing and increases power transmission. This design provides a solid foundation for the reel that enhances its performance and durability.

The ergonomic design of the MGL K allows anglers to operate the reel comfortably for extended periods. The compact size of the reel makes it easy to handle and cast, making it a perfect choice for anglers who prefer a lightweight, low-profile reel. The reel is available in a sleek black finish, which makes it an attractive addition to any fishing kit.


The Shimano Curado MGL K has an impressive performance, making it a popular choice among anglers of all levels. The reel’s superior casting capabilities are due to its advanced technology and precise engineering.

Casting: The Curado MGL K is equipped with Shimano’s SVS Infinity Brake System, which helps to control spool speed during casting. The system provides a wide range of brake settings, allowing anglers to fine-tune the reel to their preferences. The brake system is easy to adjust and helps to prevent backlash, which is a common problem when using baitcasting reels.

Retrieve: The Curado MGL K has a smooth and consistent retrieve thanks to its MicroModule Gear System. This technology reduces the amount of play between the gears, providing a more precise and efficient retrieve. The system also helps to reduce noise, making the reel quieter during operation.

Drag: The Curado MGL K has a maximum drag of 12 pounds, which is plenty for most freshwater fishing applications. The drag system is smooth and easy to adjust, providing anglers with precise control over their fishing.


The Shimano Curado MGL K is built to last, thanks to its high-quality materials and solid construction. The reel features a Hagane Body, which provides a strong foundation for the reel that is resistant to flexing and bending. The reel also has an X-Ship System, which increases gear durability and provides improved alignment. The system reduces friction between moving parts, increasing the lifespan of the reel.

Price and Applications

When it comes to the price, the Shimano Curado MGL K reel series is not exactly budget-friendly, but it is also not the most expensive reel on the market. The price ranges from around $250 to $260 depending on the specific model and the retailer.

Despite the price tag, the Curado MGL K series offers excellent value for money, with a range of features that justify the cost. The Ci4+ construction and the Hagane body make it sturdy and durable, while the MGL spool, Micromodule gear, and S3D spool provide a smooth and efficient performance.

As for the applications, the Shimano Curado MGL K reels are versatile and suitable for a range of freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing techniques. Anglers can use them for bass fishing, trout fishing, walleye fishing, pike fishing, and more.

Moreover, the Curado MGL K reels come in a range of gear ratios, so anglers can choose the right model for their preferred fishing technique. The high gear ratio models are ideal for fast and aggressive retrieves, while the lower gear ratio models offer more power and torque for fighting larger fish.

Overall, the Shimano Curado MGL K reel series is a top-quality and versatile option for anglers who are looking for a reliable and efficient baitcasting reel that can handle a range of fishing techniques and conditions.


Two alternative products that could be considered are the Shimano Curado DC and the Abu Garcia Revo4 IKE.

The Shimano Curado DC is a high-end baitcasting reel with similar features to the Curado MGL K, including the use of advanced materials such as CI4+ and a Hagane body, as well as the advanced Digital Control braking system. The Curado DC is a bit more expensive than the Curado MGL K, but it may be worth the extra cost for anglers who prioritize more advanced casting control and accuracy.

The Abu Garcia Revo4 IKE is another comparable baitcasting reel at a similar price point to the Curado MGL K. It features a durable, corrosion-resistant design with advanced components like an Infini brake system and an X2-Cräftic alloy frame. The Revo4 IKE is also designed with the input of professional angler Mike Iaconelli, making it a great choice for those who want a high-performing reel that has been tested and proven in competitive settings.

For customers who prioritize casting control and a wider range of advanced features, the Curado DC may be the best choice. However, for those who want a high-quality baitcasting reel that is designed to withstand harsh fishing environments and has the stamp of approval from a professional angler, the Abu Garcia Revo4 IKE is a great option. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on the individual preferences and needs of each angler. Readmore: Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel Review


Q: What is the difference between the Shimano Curado MGL K and the Curado DC? A: The Shimano Curado MGL K uses a MGL spool, while the Curado DC uses a DC (Digital Control) braking system. The MGL spool allows for longer casting distances, while the DC system provides better control over the lure and is more forgiving of wind and other external factors.

Q: Is the Shimano Curado MGL K suitable for saltwater fishing? A: The Shimano Curado MGL K is designed primarily for freshwater fishing. While it can be used in saltwater, it is not as corrosion-resistant as reels specifically designed for saltwater use.

Q: Can the Shimano Curado MGL K be used for bass fishing? A: Yes, the Shimano Curado MGL K is a popular reel among bass anglers due to its smooth performance and versatile features.

Shimano Curado MGL K

Small but mighty, the Shimano Curado MGL K Low-Profile Casting Reel is dependable and durable!


Shimano Curado MGL K is a highly versatile and well-designed fishing reel that delivers excellent performance and durability. With its lightweight yet robust construction, advanced features such as the Ci4+ and Hagane body, and smooth, precise handling, this reel is a top choice for anglers of all levels and fishing styles.

While the price point of the Curado MGL K may be higher than some other reels on the market, its high-quality materials, advanced features, and excellent performance make it a worthwhile investment for serious anglers.

If you’re looking for a high-end fishing reel that offers exceptional performance, durability, and versatility, the Shimano Curado MGL K is an excellent choice. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Abu Garcia Revo4 IKE or the Shimano Curado DC may be a better fit for your needs.

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