Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Review

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel. In this review, we’ll be exploring the various features of this reel and examining its performance in different fishing scenarios. We understand that choosing the right fishing reel can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve put together this detailed review to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s get started!

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is a versatile and lightweight fishing reel suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Its range of reel sizes varies from C-10, ideal for small catches, to C-65, perfect for pier, jetty, and big water fishing. The reel boasts a sleek design and incorporates an 8-bearing drive system and Okuma precision elliptical gearing to ensure optimal performance based on the type of catch a user is targeting.

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel features a rigid, machined aluminum spool, providing a solid foundation for both monofilament and braided fishing lines. With this reel, anglers can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free fishing experience while achieving their desired results.

Ceymar Spinning Reels Performance Features

  • Powerful, multi-disc drag system
  • 7BB + 1RB for ultimate smoothness
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Precision, machine cut brass pinion gear
  • Corrosion-resistant Blade Body Design
  • Machined aluminum spool, 2-tone
  • C-65 size includes Ergo Grip handle

Key Features of the Okuma Ceymar

Corrosion Resistant Graphite Body and Rotor

Fishing usually involves a lot of exposure to water and humidity, which can result in the corrosion and rusting of fishing equipment. However, the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel is designed with specific construction materials, such as graphite, that make it highly resistant to corrosion and rusting.

This unique construction material ensures that the reel maintains its durability and functionality, even after prolonged exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions. This corrosion-resistant construction of the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel allows it to be utilized in any situation, without the fear of equipment damage due to rust or corrosion.

Overall, the specific construction material of graphite used in the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel enhances its longevity and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This makes it a highly reliable fishing reel for anglers who regularly fish in wet and humid environments.

Aluminum spool

The reel’s aluminum spool is durable and designed for holding and managing monofilament and braided fishing line. Looking at the spool now. That’s some good linelay for a reel at this price point. This is one of the strengths with this reel. It really lays line well, I seldom have wind knot troubles while fishing it.

The spool lip design is very similar to the design Shimano uses. I don’t want to guess, but if i had to, I’d say Okuma definitely was inspired by Shimano when they opted for that design. The spool lip is actually slicker than on similarly priced Shimano reels. The reel is a great caster and it has a lot to do with this design. I like it.

Gear Ratio

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel comes with a gear ratio of 5.0:1, which provides a good balance of speed and power.

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

Used by professionals worldwide
Tested for reliability and quality
Made using the highest quality materials

Precision Elliptical Gearing System

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is equipped with an elliptical gearing system that reduces friction when casting, resulting in a smooth and uniform drag pressure. This feature enhances the accuracy and distance of your casts while extending the lifespan of your fishing line.

Furthermore, the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is designed to provide durability, with brass pinion gears that can withstand heavy use and resist wear and tear. The result is a long-lasting and high-performing reel that can handle various fishing styles and techniques.

Quick-Set Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel features a Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing that engages the drag system, allowing anglers to fight fish with ease and preventing the reel from turning backward. This feature ensures a smooth and effortless experience for anglers, enabling them to set the hook and reel in fish without any hassle.

The Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing is designed to keep the handle from rotating backward, providing a stable and reliable function when fighting fish. With this feature, anglers can focus on the catch, confident in the knowledge that the reel will perform flawlessly, even in challenging conditions.

Multi-Disk Drag System

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is equipped with a sophisticated multi-disk drag system that offers a highly reliable and consistent drag, maximizing your drag strength on a small surface area. This advanced system is designed to provide superior performance, allowing for a smoother and more precise experience when reeling in fish.

The multi-disk drag system also enables the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel to maintain a sleek profile while keeping the weight to a minimum. This feature ensures that the reel is easy to handle and does not weigh you down, even during long fishing trips.

Rotor Equalizing System

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is engineered to provide precise balance, eliminating spool wobbling and delivering a smooth and consistent cranking experience. This feature enables anglers to reel in fish with ease, maintaining a steady and effortless rhythm.

It’s very resistant to wear, but most importantly it’s light. You feel a heavier rotor way more than a light rotor. When you turn the handle, you turn the rotor and you will feel its weight. If it’s a heavy rotor, you will feel that when you turn the handle. If it’s light, you will feel less. This rotor is both well balanced and light, leading to a very pleasant and light retrieve. I like this design for that reason.

The precise balance of the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel also ensures excellent alignment, making it easier to cast accurately and with greater distance. This feature provides anglers with the confidence to cast precisely, even in challenging conditions.

Cyclonic Flow Rotor

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is designed with a high-precision rotor that provides ultimate durability, maximum castability, and precise gear alignment. This advanced feature ensures that every aspect of the reel works seamlessly together, allowing you to fish with confidence and ease.

The high-precision rotor of the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel also provides exceptional airflow, minimizing water penetration and reducing the risk of corrosion. This feature is particularly valuable when fishing in saltwater, where the risk of corrosion is high. The materials used to make the reel are also resistant to corrosion, further enhancing its durability and longevity.

Even Flow Roller System

The line roller is an essential but often overlooked feature in many lower-end spinning reels. Fortunately, the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is designed with a high-quality line roller that helps reduce friction and line twist. This advanced feature delivers improved casting distance and accuracy while also minimizing line wear.

The line roller of the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel ensures that your fishing line is consistently fed through the guides and onto the spool, reducing the risk of tangles and other issues that can compromise your fishing experience. With this feature, you can enjoy a smooth and effortless fishing experience, whether you are casting for small or large fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Benefits of the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced anglers. These benefits include:

  1. Affordable: The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is priced affordably, making it a great value for its performance and features.
  2. Versatile: The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is suitable for a range of fishing techniques, including freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  3. Durable: The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is built to last, with a strong and sturdy construction that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.
  4. Smooth Operation: The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel operates smoothly and quietly, providing a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.
  5. Lightweight: The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver for extended periods of time.

Okuma Ceymar Specifications

ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight (oz)Line retrieve(in)Max drag force (lb)Mono line capacity (mm)
C-105.0:16BB+1RB6.02170.10/260, 0.14/150, 0.16/115
C-205.0:16BB+1RB6.72470.15/250, 0.20/140, 0.25/90
C-255.0:17BB+1RB8.025150.15/295, 0.20/170, 0.25/110
C-305.0:17BB+1RB8.225150.20/200, 0.25/130, 0.30/100
C-355.0:17BB+1RB9.530170.25/195, 0.30/135, 0.35/100
C-405.0:17BB+1RB10.030170.25/240, 0.30/170, 0.35/125
C-554.5:17BB+1RB14.231320.30/325, 0.35/240, 0.40/185
C-654.8:17BB+1RB20.738330.35/340, 0.40/260, 0.50/160

Choosing The Correct Size Ceymar Spinning Reel

Choosing The Correct Size Ceymar Spinning Reel For Your FishC-30, C-40: Versatile Freshwater PerformersC-55: Great For Inshore Saltwater FishingC-65: Pier, Jetty & Big Water Fishing
The smallest Ceymar in the family, the C-10 is perfect for 2- to 6-pound test fishing line. A great choice for fishing trout, crappie, bluegill, sunfish and small perch where larger gear can easily over power fish. Pair it with an ultra-light fishing rod for a great combination. The C-10 is also a great choice for small ice fishing outfits.These intermediate sizes suite the vast majority of anglers that fish for bass, walleye, steelhead, carp, catfish and more. The 30 size is more for finesse applications like drop-shotting bass or jigging walleye with 6- to 8-pound line. The 40 size has larger capacity, for bigger lures and fish like steelhead and catfish with 10- to 12-pound line.The 55-size spinning reel offers a lot of versatility in inshore saltwater environments. Striped bass, snook, redfish, shallow water bottom fish are all in the wheelhouse of this highly capable reel. It will hold roughly 240-yards of 15-pound monofilament line. Many will fish this reel with 20- to 30-pound braided lines.At the 65-size, Ceymar reels come equipped with oversized Ergo Grip for exceptional cranking power. It’s the reel of choice for bigger water applications where a lot of line capacity is necessary. In saltwater, the C-65 will be great for fishing over reefs or casting long distances from piers and jetties. In freshwater, this reel will often be fished for catfish in big rivers and lakes.

Price and Value

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

Used by professionals worldwide
Tested for reliability and quality
Made using the highest quality materials
LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT – Designed with comfort in mind. The soft touch and feel of the light weight, EVA handles knobs, combined with the graphite body construction, bring you a reel that is light and strong starting out at just 6 ounces in weight
  • Great distance in casting
  • Compact size
  • Smooth Operation
  • 7 ball bearing system that supports smooth operation
  • Multi-disk drag system that performs well
  • Saltwater Ready
  • Low price
  • Slower gear ratio

In terms of pricing, the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel provides a commendable value for money in comparison to the average cost of a quality fishing reel. This reel is constructed with robust materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. It makes for an ideal option for those who are new to fishing and seek a satisfactory-quality reel without breaking the bank.

To be more specific, the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel is an excellent pick for beginners who are looking to gain knowledge and experience in fishing practices. Its affordability enables budding anglers to acquire a quality reel that is competent and reliable. Additionally, this reel offers a smooth and effortless casting experience, which makes it an effortless and easy-to-use tool.

Mike’s Okuma Ceymar Review:

The Ceymar offers an excellent combination of performance, value, and durability. What angler wouldn’t love a reel that casts like a dream, and will hold as much line as you can give it?

Even though the 8.2 ounce weight doesn’t make this the lightest reel around, the Ceymar does feel well balanced and offers a firm, responsive feel. With its narrow, precision elliptical gearing system, the Ceymar offers smooth, consistent retrieves. The drag system is multi-disc oil felt, with a generous range of adjustable settings. I found the Ceymar is quite capable in the biting department, and the drag system is solid, with no slipping or squealing.

I have used the Ceymar with mono, fluorocarbon, and braided line, and with different techniques, and have been impressed with the reel’s ability to perform with all line types. Though, it’s important to note that there isn’t any type of rubber spool backing, so if you are going to use braid, you’ll either need to attach a few feet of mono first, or put on some type of backing to keep the braid from slipping.

I have used the Ceymar for a wide range of applications, from drop-shotting to swim-baiting. I have had it for around 6 months and used it on plenty of occasions, and it continues to perform well. It’s probably not as smooth now as the day I got it out of the box, but I can’t tell a difference at this point.

Overall, the Ceymar is a great value in my opinion, and an excellent choice for the angler who wants a reel that is less than $50, but still offers a good deal of versatility.

Mike J

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

Used by professionals worldwide
Tested for reliability and quality
Made using the highest quality materials

David’s Thoughts:

The Ceymar is a sub $50 spinning reel from Okuma that is designed to offer high-quality performance at an affordable price. I’ve been running the Ceymar on one of my rods this year and have found it to be a great value in spinning reels on the market.

The C-30 model comes standard with eight bearings, including one instant anti-reverse bearing, and seven standard bearings. It’s available in sizes ranging from the C-10 up to C-65. It has a very smooth drag system with a 13-pound maximum drag pressure. The Ceymar is constructed of a lightweight aluminum frame with a cast aluminum spool. It has a graphite side cover, handle and fore grip, which makes it extremely lightweight. The line capacity is listed at 200 yards of 8-pound test which seems about right for what spools onto this reel. The Ceymar has a polished black finish and comes with a right- or left-hand retrieve.

The Ceymar is the next step up in quality for Okuma for an affordable, full-featured reel. It’s not quite as nice as some of the other spinning reels we’ve tested out, but it has high-quality gears, ball bearings, and drag system at a significantly lower price point.

Now, not everything is sunshine and roses with the Ceymar though. While we didn’t have any major issues with the reel, we did experience some stickiness and increased retrieve noises after a few months of use. This is mostly kept in check by applying oil after using the reel, but it does take a bit of work to keep the reel running smoothly.

David D.


  1. Is the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel suitable for beginners? Yes, the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is a great option for beginners. It is easy to use, lightweight, and affordable.
  2. What size reel should I choose? The size of the reel depends on the type of fish you plan to catch. The C-10 is suitable for smaller, lighter catches, while the C-65 is intended for pier, jetty, and big water fishing.
  3. Is the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel durable? Yes, the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is made with high-quality materials and is designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  4. What is the best size to use for freshwater bass fishing? For bass fishing enthusiasts, the C30 model is an excellent choice. This freshwater fishing reel offers excellent value for money while providing a larger line capacity and versatility to handle a variety of fishing styles and fish species


In conclusion, the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is a superior fishing reel compared to its competition. It boasts a lightweight and corrosion-resistant design, a smooth and adjustable drag system, and a high-speed gear ratio that allows for a quick and efficient retrieve. The eight stainless steel ball bearings and one-way roller bearing anti-reverse system make it a reliable and consistent performer, while the anodized aluminum spool and multi-disc drag system provide excellent control over your line. Overall, we believe that the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is the best choice for anglers who are looking for a high-quality fishing reel that will last for years to come.

I would like to say that this reel is probably the best under $50 reel there is as of today. The reel offers an incredible value. You get a very refined reel for the amount of money you’re paying. I would recommend this reel to anyone searching for a cheap spinning reel if they use it for freshwater applications and small to medium sized fish. Mine has made it through 4 years and is still in excellent condition.

Duane Brennan
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