Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 Review: The Ultimate Baitcasting Reel for Anglers

Daiwa is a renowned brand in the fishing industry, known for its high-quality products. The Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is one such product that has been gaining popularity among anglers. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103, its features, and how it performs in different fishing conditions.


The Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is a baitcasting reel that is designed for anglers who want a high-quality reel that is both reliable and easy to use. This reel is part of the Tatula series, which is known for its excellent performance and durability. The Tatula SV TW103 is an upgraded version of the previous Tatula SV reel, with several new features that make it even better.

Weighing in at a mere 6.7oz, the Tatula SV TW103 is an ultra-lightweight reel that provides unmatched control when casting. With a smaller low-profile design, it’s perfect for those who prefer a palm-able baitcaster, and its Soft Touch handle knobs offer enhanced comfort during extended fishing sessions.

The Tatula SV TW103 features a patented SV Spool and Airbrake technology, which work together to minimize backlashes while allowing for extreme cast-ability. The Daiwa Zero Adjust spool also provides settings to finely tune the spool tension, and the T-Wing System level wind opens up line feed for longer and more accurate casts. All of these features work together to provide you with stress-free control when casting in the wind, skipping baits or casting light lures.

The Tatula SV TW103 is available in three different gear ratios: Standard (6.3:1), High Speed (7.3:1), and Hyper Speed (8.1:1). These gear ratios come in both left and right hand models, making it suitable for all anglers regardless of their preferred hand.

The SV TWS103 reels are formed around an aluminum frame, providing rigidity and a smooth performance that is unmatched in the market. With its innovative features and high-quality construction, the Tatula SV TW103 is a must-have for any angler looking for the ultimate in casting control.

Daiwa Tatula SV TW103

32mm A7075 SV Spool
Feather Weight of 6.7 ounces
UTD Drag
Zero Adjuster
T-Wing System


The Tatula SV TW103 has several features that set it apart from other baitcasting reels on the market. Here are some of the most notable features:


Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is built with a lightweight aluminum frame that is both durable and easy to handle. Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminium allows strength and weightlessness to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals.


The SV spool is designed to help prevent backlash and make casting more accurate.

T-Wing System (TWS)

Daiwa’s revolutionary T-Wing System addresses the issue of traditional line guide/level wind systems constricting line flow by delivering a T-shaped line guide that is larger, wider and less restrictive. TWS allows line to exit freely from the spool with minimal line angle and minimal friction, thereby reducing line noise and backlash, and delivering more accurate and longer casts.

Zero Adjuster (Spool Brake Knob)

Thanks to the revolutionary SV-Concept, it is no longer necessary to adjust the Mechanical Spool Brake Knob when casting. Perfect Zero Adjuster setting is when the spool shaft is held without side to side spool play. Appropriate brake power adjustment is now fully manageable with only the use of the Magnetic dial.

Magforce Z

This feature helps control the speed of the spool during casting, reducing the chance of backlash. The next generation of Daiwa’s magnetic anti-backlash system like Magforce V before it combines the best aspects of modern magnetic and centrifugal breaking, albeit with some slight differences. Unlike Magforce V magnetic braking is only applied at maximum spool speed, as a result it allows the spool to reach a higher peak speed and allows it to spin for longer. Magforce Z is considered to be best suited to longer casting pursuits and heavier weights.

Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings

7+1 Bearings: The Tatula SV TW103 has 7 stainless steel bearings(2CRBB + 5BB) and 1 roller bearing, providing smooth operation.

Lasting 12 times longer than standard stainless steel bearings Daiwa’s corrosion resistant ball bearings feature specially treated stainless steel, and a protective shield on the bearing race that seals out sand, fine grit, salt crystals and other abrasives. The result is a longer lasting bearing that’s protected from the corrosive elements that destroy traditional bearings.

Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD)

A system that combines ultra smooth low inertia with ultimate fish stopping power. UTD combines advanced carbon washers, alloy and stainless steel drag plates with specially designed grease for ultra-smooth performance.


The Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is designed to perform well in a variety of fishing situations. Whether you’re targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or other types of fish, this reel will help you catch more fish. The T-Wing System, SV spool, and Magforce Z features all work together to make casting more accurate and reduce the chance of backlash. The Air Rotation System and 7+1 bearings make the reel spin more smoothly and require less effort to turn the handle. The UTD drag system provides consistent and smooth drag pressure, allowing you to fight fish with confidence.


The latest addition to the Tatula series, the Tatula SV TW103, stands out due to its impressive design that combines both lightness and enhanced casting performance. This is made possible by the incorporation of Daiwa’s proprietary SV Spool and Airbreak technology, which features a dual casting system that integrates both magnetic and centrifugal braking systems.

The SV Spool and Airbreak technology work in synergy to reduce backlash and improve casting distance, making it easier for anglers to cast their bait with precision. The centrifugal braking system manages the initial stage of the cast while the magnetic braking system takes over as the cast progresses, ensuring maximum control throughout the entire cast.

In summary, the Tatula SV TW103 is not only the lightest Tatula reel to date but also boasts a remarkable dual casting system that guarantees an optimal and accurate casting experience.


Daiwa’s Tatula Series continues to impress anglers with their unmatched performance, precision, and refinement. The latest addition to this series, the Tatula SV TW103, sets a new standard in baitcasting reels and even rivals the smoothness of previous-generation Zillions.

The aluminum frame of the reel is thoughtfully designed to hold the master gearing securely in place, while the bearings work together to deliver an overall smooth and effortless retrieve. This remarkable engineering ensures that the Tatula SV TW103 provides an exceptional angling experience for any fishing application.

Moreover, the Tatula SV TW103 reel is surprisingly versatile and performs exceptionally well as a baitfinesse option. This reel can easily cast lightweight baits with precision and accuracy, while the two higher speed models allow for faster retrieval speeds to target specific areas. Among the entire Tatula lineup, the Tatula SV TW103 stands out as the best option for those who prioritize light line and baitfinesse applications.


While the new Tatula SV TW103 is designed to improve casting control, especially for finesse applications, it also features an enhanced drag system. The reel’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) is rated at an impressive 13.2lbs of drag pressure, and our lab tests have shown that it can exceed this rating, delivering a maximum pressure of 13.8lbs under full lockdown. As with other reel manufacturers, Daiwa conservatively rates their drags to ensure they meet published specifications.

The UTD drag is adjusted with the same plastic star as found on the original Tatula 100, and this is perhaps the only part of the reel that feels a little cheap. However, the Zion drag star found on the more expensive SV TW and Elite Series Tatula reels adds some refinement to those models, but functionally there is no significant difference.

Price and Value

The new Tatula SV TW103 is a significant improvement over many previous Tatula models due to the inclusion of the 32mm A7075 SV spool. The super duralumin construction provides an ideal balance of weight and strength, making it an excellent choice for baitfinesse applications. Moreover, the dual cast control system, combined with the SV spool, ensures that the reel delivers exceptional casting performance. However, when it comes to pulling the fish away from cover, the Tatula SV TW103’s UTD drag system is up to the task.

With a retail price of $209, the Tatula SV TW103 represents an excellent choice for mainstream anglers who want exceptional casting performance. It falls between the original Tatula Series and the more expensive Tatula Elite Series reels. Overall, the Tatula Series offers many great options, but the new Tatula SV TW103 provides the perfect balance of affordability and performance.

Daiwa Tatula SV TW103

Remodeled for 2020, the Tatula SV TW103 packs Daiwa’s patented SV Spool and Airbrake technology into the compact and highly palmable Tatula 100 frame.
  • Light weight
  • Well constructed
  • Smooth
  • Great for bait finesse
  • Easy Casting
  • No backlashes, long casts!
  • The reel is easy to disassemble and maintain.
  • Sideplates are not aluminum


Q1. Is the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 suitable for beginners? A1. Yes, the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is an excellent choice for beginners due to its ease of use and lightweight design.

Q2. Does the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 come with an anti-reverse feature? A2. Yes, the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 has an anti-reverse feature that prevents the handle from turning backward.

Q3. Can the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 be used in saltwater conditions? A3. Yes, the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is designed for both freshwater and saltwater conditions.

Q5. What is the maximum drag of the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103? A5. The Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 has a maximum drag of 11 lbs.


The Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is an excellent fishing reel that offers a range of features to enhance the angling experience. Its lightweight design, sturdy build, and efficient casting make it a top-performing reel in different fishing conditions. The UTD drag system and adjustable settings provide better control when fighting fish, making it a popular choice among anglers. Overall, the Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 is an excellent investment for any angler looking for a reliable and high-performing reel.

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